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Planet Fresh

Planet Fresh (half of...)

Who Are We?

Monica Saieva: Born 1970
Alan Bacchus: Born 1962 BA (Hon)


...Across the vista of what we call consciousness there exists in one of the three corners, a dominion. This dominion in itself is vast and mainly uncharted. Its name is "birth"

Now this ancient and revered realm has amongst it one of the few planets which has the gift to born souls. Souls which are the very life blood of the two remaining dominions. A very important world indeed.

The last name by which it was called, now lost and forgotten was "Earth".

You may be thinking by now "But wait, that's where we're from and it aint that hot". Wrong, you see as confusing as "Earth" may have seemed back then, amazingly enough something was done.

Humankind got together and for the first time they actually listened to one another.

Now Ma Ma Nature (Who up to this point had ignored Earth) looked favourably upon the celestial body and saw the good humankind had achieved by the "Listening".

As a reward Ma Ma Nature gave up the many natural technologies and magical secrets once hidden.

The Earth became a Planet Fresh

Part of the message sent to PlanetFresh studios.




Artists exhibiting

(in alphabetical order):

Alligator Descartes, Anne Sudworth, Brian Waugh, Chris Moore, David A Hardy, David Angus, David Vickers, Dominic E Harman, Fred Gambino, Jim Burns, Keith Scaife, Lisa Konrad, Planet Fresh, SMS, Steve Stone, Sue Mason, Les Edwards.

Exhibition details: Dates: 14th July 2000 to 11th August 2000 Opening hours: 10:30 to 17:30. (closed Sundays) Admission: Free

2nd Floor Art Gallery Foyles Bookshop
113-119 Charing Cross Road
London WC2H 0EB
United Kingdom






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