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Fred Gambino

Fred Gambino was born in the late fifties, educated in Derby he then studied graphic design at the Derby College of Art and Technology, despite always wanting to pursue a career in illustration. Consequently he was pleased when policy changes at the college allowed him to specialize in his final year.

Fred Gambino

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After college, to keep body and soul together, Fred obtained a part time job delivering groceries from 9am to 1pm which left afternoons free to paint. One of his lecturers urged Fred to see David Larkin, art director at Pan Books, this meeting eventually resulted in his first commission. Soon, work flowed in from Ken Simms at Sphere Books and finally and introduction followed from, Fred's current UK representatives, the Sarah Brown Agency. Recently he was taken on by Berstein and Andriulli in New York and is now commissioned by both the UK and USA. For the next couple of decades commissions for all illustrations developed into a continuous flow. It became physically impossible to do more work in the hours available. Then in just two short years, Fred realized that utilizing digital technology was the way forward. Despite having no previous computer experience, he decided with some trepidation to take the plunge and so, bought one of the first power macs. In no time at all he took to the new technology like a duck to water. Today up to fifty percent of Fred's annual production is produced solely on computer. "I began my work as a Sci Fi illustrator using traditional airbrush techniques. With the advent of graphic based computer technology, my work developed on the digital side as well.So, today it seems, I have my feet planted in two different worlds - the traditional and the contemporary. As far as illustration is concerned, there will always be a need for sound creative ideas and strong traditional drawing skills"

The publisher Paper Tiger has some more pictures

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Exhibition details: Dates: 14th July 2000 to 11th August 2000 Opening hours: 10:30 to 17:30. (closed Sundays) Admission: Free

2nd Floor Art Gallery Foyles Bookshop
113-119 Charing Cross Road
London WC2H 0EB
United Kingdom






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