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Dominic E Harman

Dominic E Harman

Early influences...

As far back as I remember I was always drawing Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction. I was influenced from an early age by the works of Derek Riggs, who designed the album covers of the British rock band, Iron Maiden. After finishing a Foundation college course in Worthing I honed my skills over the next few years, I then started to show my work around which got positive reactions.....

First sales...

My first professional sale was to the British SF magazine, Interzone, July 1997, when I was 23, and since then I've sold over 130 interior illustrations and 30 book jackets/magazine covers. They've had great responses, being nominated three years running for the BSFA Awards in Great Britain. ["Secrets" in 1998, "Jedella Ghost", runner up 1999, and "The Sky-Green-Blues" in 2000]; also four pieces of artwork were nominated in the US for the Tangent Online Award, 1999: [Interzone, March, 1998, Interzone July 1998, Interzone September 1998, and Interzone November 1998]. I also won The Paper Tiger Award 2000 at EasterCon in Glasgow, Scotland, for the front cover of Absolute Magnitude Magazine, Winter 1999.

My work can be seen on the magazine/book covers/interiors of, Interzone, Absolute Magnitude, Weird Tales, SF Age, Sarob Press, Tale Bones, Dell Horoscope, Altair, DNA Books, SFWA Bulletin, Dreams of Decadence, Aboriginal Science Fiction, Fantastic Stories and Tenebres.

Materials, and methods...

I employed oil and Acrylic and the traditional techniques of painting when I started, but my work now is mainly a composite of different media for example Pencil, Charcoal, photography, scanned textures and objects/buildings and ships designed in 3d software with the final piece always in digital format. Working in digital format gives me so much freedom to explore different possibilities not be feasible when painting a 'one off' on canvas or masonite.


I have been asked 'which of my own artwork is my favourite?' - but, to be honest, I can't really say that I have a favourite. I like many different ones for different reasons, although I'm very pleased with the cover of Absolute Magnitude, issue 12, Winter 1999. Among other examples of my work I'm pleased with are: "The Kings of Eternity" by Eric Brown which appeared in Science Fiction Age, Jan 2000; the cover of Interzone 153, March 2000, for Stephen Baxter's story, "Cadre Siblings"; "The Sky Green Blues" by Tanith Lee, Interzone, April 1999; and also the front cover of Weird Tales, issue 319, Spring 2000.


Due out later this year and early next year are numerous book covers, magazine covers, and interiors. In July this year the French magazine, Tenebres, is featuring my artwork along with an interview. When I get any spare time I do enjoy watching old sci-fi and horror B-movies... and sleeping - as I don't get much when on a commission! I live just outside Brighton,


The publisher Paper Tiger has some more pictures

Artists exhibiting

(in alphabetical order):

Alligator Descartes, Anne Sudworth, Brian Waugh, Chris Moore, David A Hardy, David Angus, David Vickers, Dominic E Harman, Fred Gambino, Jim Burns, Keith Scaife, Lisa Konrad, Planet Fresh, SMS, Steve Stone, Sue Mason, Les Edwards.

Exhibition details: Dates: 14th July 2000 to 11th August 2000 Opening hours: 10:30 to 17:30. (closed Sundays) Admission: Free

2nd Floor Art Gallery Foyles Bookshop
113-119 Charing Cross Road
London WC2H 0EB
United Kingdom






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