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Chris Moore

Born in Rotherham, south Yorkshire in 1947.

Always wanted to be commercial artist (whatever that was!)


Chris Moore

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Mexborough Grammer School, then on to Doncaster Art School for 1 year.

Maidstone College of Art (Graphic Design) 1966-69.

Royal College of Art (Illustration) 1969-72.

Formed a company with Michael Morris Ltd.

Working from day one on book covers, magazines covers, record covers etc.


Clients including colleagues from RCA days footnote

Did many record covers for Phonogram, Polydor, and Transatlantic Records.

The largest part the publishing work came from Peter Bennett at Methuen(ABP) footnote

(Footnotes; Peter asked me in 1973 to do a Science Fiction cover for him. I thought he was crazy but I eventually agreed to do it (Alfred Besters' Extro) It was dreadful. He thought it was Okish and commissioned me to do a couple of Philip K. Dick novels, talk about a sucker for punishment. Well to cut a long story shorter, he persisted and persevered and they started to improve with a series of Clifford Simak covers. And that folks, is how I come to be doing Science Fiction now)

Acquired an agent - Spectron Artists,

Began to do work for Europe through Artbox initially, then Top Drawers in Amsterdam

Had by this time become an active member of The Association of Illustrators serving on the committee for two years.

Separated very amicably from Michael in or around 1980 the whole process took around two years due largely to my changing circumstances.

Moved out of Covent Garden in the early eighties to work from home in Lewisham.

First trip to America around 1984 started to work for Dell and Random House

Moved to East Sussex

Changed agents around this time to Artist Partners and has a very good relationship with them which is ongoing.

Acquired an agent in USA: Bernstein and Andriulli inc, in the late eighties and this relationship continues very successfully.

In 1995, encouraged by his good friend Jim Burns, attended a World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow where For the first time showed some original artwork. Sold several pieces and met Jane Frank from Worlds of Wonder in Washington. She was very interested in selling and began to realise that there was in fact a market out there for selling my paintings as paintings not just book jackets.

Now living in Lancashire, with his wife Katie, a hospital consultant, and their two children Georgia and Harrison.

Has two children from a previous marriage: Robert and William.

Spends his time working mostly and occasionally playing guitar in a local R&D band.

Also enjoys walking, taking photographs, Gardening, Woodwork,

Mowing the lawn.


(Footnote: I used to do lots of work for the graphic design students for their degree shows etc. Raye Gregory coined the title "dial a Style Moore" This was excellent training for the real world.)

The publisher Paper Tiger has some more pictures

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Exhibition details: Dates: 14th July 2000 to 11th August 2000 Opening hours: 10:30 to 17:30. (closed Sundays) Admission: Free

2nd Floor Art Gallery Foyles Bookshop
113-119 Charing Cross Road
London WC2H 0EB
United Kingdom






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