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Bookshop Reviews Database

We are going to collate a database of reviews from customers of 2nd hand bookshops which have at least some science fiction. Stores can be located anywhere in Britain, Ireland, or even further afield. Of course you will notice a London bias - but that is because we are based there. We are primarily interested in second hand bookshops - since it is relatively easy nowadays to get books that are in print through online shops like Amazon. If you have a book shop review then please email it to us.

Until the survey details are ready please use Evelyn C Leeper's fine collection. Bookstores in the United Kingdom

If you wish to advertise your own store please do submit your details but please make it clear that it is an advert and not an unbiased review. I am obviously not going to be checking all the reviews submitted personally so a certain amount of trust is involved. Please don't abuse it.

If you are a collector of rare SF then I can recommend Porcupine Books for out of print or collectable items. This is essentially Brian Ameringam's mail order book service and he is a really nice guy, so buy lots of books from him. Although he also has a large selection of cheap paperbacks he doesn't keep them on a database, only the hardbacks.




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